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PSMC was established in 1982. We strive to maintain a traditional "old style" personal "womb to tomb" approach by working as a team who get to know our patients & their families extremely well.

What's Special about our general practice

Management of Diabetes at PSMC

In 2013/14 PSMC participated in a national study comparing the management of diabetes at general practices throughout Australia.

One way of tracking diabetes control is measuring HbA1c.

A HbA1c is a blood test that gives an estimate of blood glucose control over the preceding 12 weeks & is usually performed every 3 months.

One of the aims of this study was to have 50% of our patients with diabetes obtain a HbA1C less than 7.0, 18 months after the study began.

On entering the study we were pleasantly surprised to discover that our patients with diabetes were some of the best managed amongst all the general practice study participants with 49.9% of our patients with diabetes having a HbA1C less than 7.0.

We have continued monitoring the HbA1C of our patients with diabetes at PSMC. At the end of May 2015, 65% of our patients with diabetes had a HbA1C less than 7.0 and by late October 2015, 68%. In April 2016 the figure has fallen slightly to 65% and by June 2016, 64%. This is a remarkable improvement and places our patients with diabetes as some of the best managed in Australia.

How did this happen? The answer is a team approach.

  • All our patients with diabetes undergo an annual Diabetes Cycle of Care which involves an hour with one of our nurses
  • All our patients with diabetes see our Diabetes Educator Karen Thorne at least annually
  • Where appropriate patients with diabetes are encouraged to see our Dietitian Dr Maree Brinkman to aim for a normal healthy diet and our Exercise Physiologist Chelsea Morley who helps improve exercise. Occasionally our patients with diabetes require the help of our Psychologist Dr Ingrid Sturmey to help with improved goal setting. Our Podiatrist Nick Barnes helps with the maintenance of normal healthy feet and avoiding early feet complications
  • An important contribution to the improvement of diabetes management at PSMC is our weekly Diabetes Case Conference where our Medical Team discuss the management of two of our patients with diabetes. We look at internationally accepted targets and check these off with each patient. At the end of the discussion suggestions are made for improving management.

We believe it is unique to have such a team approach to diabetes management in private general practice where our Diabetes Educator, Exercise Physiologist, Dietitian, Podiatrist, Psychologist, Nurses and Doctors are all on site and importantly ‘on the same page’.

- Dr Larry Light (GP) & Susan Johnstone (RN)


Pier Street Medical Centre is again proud to be a sponsor of Bayside Secondary College in the 2015 Great Victorian Bike Ride. Dr Larry Light will again be participating in this event. We wish Larry well in his adventure as he sets off on November 25th 2016.

Larry Light

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PSMC was awarded the 2008 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Victoria General Practice of the Year.

Award One
Seated L-R: Helen Light, Susan Johnstone (Div 1 Practice Nurse), Dr Robert Mathew. Standing L- R: Dr Larry Light, Dr Kate Stasser, Dr Sherrie Chew, Sharon Considine (Receptionist)

Award Two
Dr Larry Light accepting the 2008 Practice of the Year award with his wife Helen by his side.

Award Three
Dr Larry Light with the award


In November 2011, PSMC was awarded a National Primary Care Infrastructure Grant. This helped build a new dedicated 5 consulting room General Practice, with a lager treatment room and staff room and a larger pathology collection office.

The new building was built on what was originally the carpark and the old building was demolished to become the new carpark.
The new building has enabled us to become a teaching practice, which has enabled us to teach nurse and medical students and GP registrars.
We have been able to provide more sessions for our patients to consult with allied health professionals such as a dietitian, exercise physiologist, psychologist, diabetes educator and others. The larger building has enabled us to take on more GP’s and patients. We have been in the new building since early July 2013.

Then member of the House of Representatives representing the seat of Gellibrand, Nicola Roxon and the team after she announced the awarding of the NPCI grant.


PSMC has led the way in Preventive Care over the past 30 years with initiatives we have proudly instigated, many of which other practices have taken up. Some examples of this include …

  1. We were documented as one of the highest prescribers of Statins (cholesterol lowering agents) in Australia around 15 years ago
  2. We started our own Breast Cancer screening with biennial mammography close to 30 ago, well before it became a recognised scientifically validated screening procedure
  3. We started our own Bowel Cancer screening with faeces for occult blood (FOB’s) around 20yrs ago well before it became a recognised scientifically validated screening procedure. In 2008 when we last took out figures we had one of the highest uptakes of Insure FOB in Australia
  4. We started using Peak Flow Metre (PFM) based Asthma Management plans in 1982 long before this was scientifically validated & published by the National Asthma Council. There was no NAC in those days.
  5. We have had a nurse on site since we opened in 1982. It is now common to have general practice nurses on site.