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We book consultations at 15 minute intervals and do our best to keep to these times to prevent inconvenient delays to you. When urgent situations arise these have to take precedence over booked patients, which can't be anticipated, creating unforeseen delays. This rarely occurs. There are some ways you can help our system work better:

If you anticipate your consultation will be longer than 15 minutes please inform our staff on making your appointment. You can then be booked in for a 30 or 45 minute consultation without inconveniencing patients booked in after you. Out of pocket costs for longer consultations are only slightly more than for shorter consultations. Some examples of this are...

  • Full insurance examination
  • Travel health
  • Multiple problems
  • Full insurance examination
  • Chest pain requiring a cardiogram
  • Emotional problems

If you can't keep an appointment let us know, so your appointment can be given to someone else. Please give at least 4 hours notice.

Please turn up on time for appointments. If you are late it is inconvenient for those patients booked in after you. If you want to be certain of not having to wait, book your appointment for the first available appointment of the morning or afternoon i.e. 8.30am or 2.30pm weekdays, 8.30 am Saturdays.

A way of decreasing your waiting time is to ring us prior to your appointment & check if we are running to time. This would especially apply to the frail elderly or parents with young children who quickly get bored in the waiting room (we have a children’s play area).


We reserve four 15 minute appointments for each doctor per session to enable acutely ill patients to be seen the same day. There are up to 16 such reserved appointments each day. You need to ring in early for these. If these appointments have been taken you may have to see a doctor who is not your preferred GP. All doctors at PSMC keep detailed records enabling easy ongoing management by whichever doctor you see.